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Sustained financial endowments and gifts from multiple sources such as bilateral agencies, as well as grants from foundations, NGOs, individuals and the corporate sector are necessary to help us fulfil our mandate to preserve Jamaica’s protected areas and safeguard the country’s long-term ecological viability for generations.

By partnering with us, you help to co-create a sustainable national future.

CSR Budget

Annual contributions from your Corporate Social Responsibility budget.

Cash Endowments

One-off cash endowments.

In-Kind Support

Technical assistance and in-kind support.


Helping to mobilise potential funding partners.

Become a Mentor!

The NCTFJ mentorship programme is designed to pair a suitable mentor with an NCTFJ mentee based on the analysis of a capacity needs assessment. In this relationship, the mentor will voluntarily assist in building the capacity of Community-Based Organization’s (CBOs) in the fields of business administration, communications and marketing, business planning, project management, agricultural techniques, protected areas management, environmental protection, ecotourism, and other areas that align with the needs identified by grantees.
Through the mentorship programme, CBOs will be able to better manage their organisations and be positioned to access and utilize grants for community-led projects. Mentors may include professionals from local businesses, schools, non-government organisations and other willing stakeholders.

What Your Support Helps To Achieve

Supporting the NCTFJ helps to:


Secure clean water and other essential eco-systems


Foster the conservation of important natural resource and cultural heritage sites so that Jamaica’s tourism product thrives


Promote national education and awareness about Jamaica’s unique flora and fauna


Facilitate the growth of eco-tourism and heritage-based attractions


Protect our airports and industries


Enhance Jamaica’s green spaces for recreational use


Encourage sensitivity to and pride in the natural, built and cultural assets that underpin the Jamaican way of life


Support livelihood, jobs and overall quality of life for Jamaican citizens


Support disaster-reduction and mitigation activities


Foster national economic growth

Current Funding Support

UNDP-GEF NEPA National Protected Areas System Project

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) have provided funding support of USD $87,000 to the National Protected Areas System Project.

Caribbean Biodiversity Fund

The Caribbean Diversity Fund, a regional environmental fund established to provide resources for the conservation, protection and maintenance of biodiversity in the Caribbean, has pledged USD $127,588 over 2 years to support the work of the NCTFJ.

The Nature Conservancy - USAID Caribbean Marine Biodiversity Programme

The Nature Conservancy in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has provided USD $30,000 to the NCTFJ as part of their joint Caribbean Biodiversity Programme.

National Environment and Planning Agency

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) provides in-kind support to the NCTFJ.

Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation

The Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (MEGJC) provides in-kind support to the NCTFJ in the form of a monthly meeting space.

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