The National Conservation Trust Fund of Jamaica (NCTFJ) was incorporated in 2014 as a not-for-profit Company and is a locally registered Charity. The NCTFJ’s purpose is to promote, for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection, management and expansion of the National Protected Areas System (NPAS) of Jamaica, by providing a sustainable flow of funds to support activities that contribute substantially to the conservation, protection and maintenance of biodiversity of Jamaica.
In response to the priority areas identified by the Protected Areas Committee (PAC) and the Managers of the Marine Managed Areas (Marine Park, Fish Sanctuaries, etc.) in Jamaica, a communication strategy was developed with the purpose of raising awareness of the value of effective management of MMAs to generate consistent funds and maintain engagement, interest and support from key stakeholders and the larger public..


The NCTFJ is a small organisation that is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors who, inter alia, establishes policy and serves as a fiduciary body while the NCTFJ’s day-to-day operations are managed by the NCTFJ Manager who is supported by an Administrator and a Programme Officer.

The NCTFJ launched its first Call for Proposals in 2020, and has provided funds to organisations that are managing or operating within protected areas. NCTFJ has developed a Capacity Assessment framework to support its grantees during project implementation. However, the NCTFJ needs assistance to assess the critical elements of groups, that are necessary for effective operations, and, to also identify those areas in need of strengthening or further development.  

The NCTFJ seeks a consultant to assist us to develop a Capacity Needs Assessment tailored to civil society, organisations, and experts working in protected areas.

Our Activities and Achievements in 2021

The NCTFJ continues its efforts to contribute to the long-term sustainability of Jamaica’s National Protected Areas System. Learn more via the 2021 Annual Report.

NCTFJ Fact Sheet

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You can download the NCTFJ FAQ sheet here.

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