Our Activities and Achievements in 2021

The NCTFJ continues its efforts to contribute to the long-term sustainability of Jamaica’s National Protected Areas System. Learn more via the 2021 Annual Report.

Preserving Jamaica's Protected Areas

We are designed to be the primary source of financial support for Jamaica’s Protected Areas System.


The National Conservation Trust Fund of Jamaica Limited (NCTFJ) is a grant-making entity established to fund activities that are related to the conservation and management of a protected area or areas of environmental significance and fund activities that contribute to the long-term sustainability of Jamaica’s National Protected Areas System.

What We Do

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of funding for the sustainable management and use of the natural, built and cultural resources of Jamaica. Our goal is to build a reputation for responsiveness, effectiveness and transparency, locally and internationally.

Our Mission

To foster effective management and sustainable use of Jamaica’s protected areas and cultural assets by mobilizing financial resources for funding projects, building partnerships and sharing knowledge and information.

Our Activities

We provide grants to eligible non-governmental organizations as well as relevant public-sector agencies directly involved in the management of protected areas.

We fund activities that contribute to the long-term sustainability of Jamaica’s National Protected Areas System (NPAS) including conservation, research, infrastructure preservation and development, as well as education and enforcement.

How You Can Help

CSR Budget

Annual contributions from your Corporate Social Responsibility budget.

Cash Endowments

One-off cash endowments.

In-Kind Support

Technical assistance and in-kind support.


Helping to mobilise potential funding partners.

Filling the Funding Gap

The NCTFJ will focus on filling the funding gap that currently exists in the National Protected Areas System, which requires US$8.4M per annum for basic protected areas management. Currently, the approximate annual inflows for protected areas management, including revenues from Government of Jamaica, are US$6.4M, leaving a shortfall of US$2 Million required per annum.

Current Funding Support

UNDP-GEF NEPA National Protected Areas System Project

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) have provided funding support of USD $87,000 to the National Protected Areas System Project.

Caribbean Biodiversity Fund

The Caribbean Diversity Fund, a regional environmental fund established to provide resources for the conservation, protection and maintenance of biodiversity in the Caribbean, has pledged USD $127,588 over 2 years to support the work of the NCTFJ.

The Nature Conservancy - USAID Caribbean Marine Biodiversity Programme

The Nature Conservancy in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has provided USD $30,000 to the NCTFJ as part of their joint Caribbean Biodiversity Programme.

National Environment and Planning Agency

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) provides in-kind support to the NCTFJ.

Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation

The Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (MEGJC) provides in-kind support to the NCTFJ in the form of a monthly meeting space.

Our Protected Areas

Jamaica’s breath-taking beauty and appeal as a great place to live and visit, is underpinned by a rich eco-system of nestling mountain ranges, terrestrial national parks, forest and game reserves, rivers, marine parks, fish sanctuaries as well as unique heritage sites and landmarks, where flora and fauna find habitat in delicate balance with human activities.

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The NCTFJ is a small organization that is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors who, inter alia, establishes policy and serves as a fiduciary body while the NCTFJ’s day-to-day operations are managed by the NCTFJ Manager who is supported by an Administrator and a Programme Officer.

The NCTFJ launched its first Call for Proposals in 2020, and has provided funds to organizations that are managing or operating within protected areas. 

The NCTFJ seeks individuals to fulfill the following roles: 

  1. Capacity Assessment Consultant

  2. Communication & Marketing Consultant 

Activities will target civil society, community based, organizations, and non-governmental organizations operating  in protected areas.

Resources Page – Addition of Communications Vacancy:

Communication & Marketing Consultant 

The NCTFJ was incorporated in 2014 as a not-for-profit Company and is a locally registered Charity. The NCTFJ’s purpose is to promote, for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection, management and expansion of the National Protected Areas System (NPAS) of Jamaica.

In response to the priority areas identified by the Protected Areas Committee (PAC) and the Managers of the Marine Managed Areas (Marine Park, Fish Sanctuaries, etc.) in Jamaica, a communication strategy was developed with the purpose of raising awareness of the value of effective management of MMAs to generate consistent funds and maintain engagement, interest and support from key stakeholders and the larger public.