What We Do

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of funding for the sustainable management and use of the natural, built and cultural resources of Jamaica. Our goal is to build a reputation for our responsiveness, effectiveness and transparency, locally and internationally.

Our Mission

To foster effective management and sustainable use of Jamaica’s Protected Areas and cultural assets by mobilizing financial resources for funding projects, building partnerships and sharing knowledge and information.

Our Activities


We provide grants to eligible NGOs as well as relevant public sector agencies directly involved in the management of Jamaica’s Protected Areas, cultural landmarks and assets.


We fund activities that contribute to the long-term sustainability of Jamaica’s National Protected Areas System, including conservation, research, management, infrastructure preservation and development, and education and enforcement.

What Makes Us Different

The NCTFJ is unique because by mandate it is dedicated solely to source and provide funding to the entire Protected Areas System which includes conservation of the environment and the preservation of Jamaica’s cultural assets and heritage ”

Though there are many locally recognized environmental NGOs, the focus is placed on advocacy and public awareness with far less emphasis on direct funding support for protected areas.

What Makes Us Different

Though there are many organisations in Jamaica advocating for a clean, healthy, environment, the NCTFJ is unique because very few organisations are dedicated solely to funding the actual conservation of the environment.

Many locally recognised environmental NGOs have focused on advocacy and public awareness – with far less emphasis on direct funding support for protected areas. The NCTFJ recognises the need for innovative approaches to financing conservation.

Our mandate also goes beyond conservation of the environment to include the preservation of Jamaica’s cultural landmarks and assets.

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