Oracabessa Bay Marine Protected Area Coral Reef Restoration Marine Education and Livelihood Project

Project Aims

  • To provide the sanctuary patrol boat with a new engine to facilitate patrols within the sanctuary.
  • To train and employ two locals as coral gardeners.
  • Build and install three coral trees.
  • To outplant 3000 corals on the reefs.

Project Outcomes

  • A new engine has been bought and is being used on a sanctuary patrol boat for patrols within the sanctuary.
  • Two locals have been trained and employed as coral gardeners. 
  • One patrol boat has been retrofitted and refurbished.
  • Three coral trees have been built and installed in the sanctuary’s nursery.
  • Currently, 2,500 of the targeted 3,000 corals have been out planted by coral gardeners on reefs within the sanctuary.

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May 7, 2024

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