Mangrove Development, Education, Awareness and Livelihoods Project

Project Aims

  1. To increase awareness of mangrove ecosystems among Marine Park Areas (MPA) stakeholders through the implementation of 3 Training of Trainers workshops with Fish Sanctuary Network (FSN) partners by 08/21.
  2. To increase awareness of mangroves among teachers, 40 student teachers and community members.
  3. Increase awareness of the economic value and function of mangroves among the Portland Municipal Corporation (PMC) staff.
  4. Engender greater awareness and stewardship among 30 high school students. 
  5. Outplant 450 mangroves in areas which require restoration/ rehabilitation.

Project Outcomes

  • 3 workshops to train trainers were conducted, with 17 participants, from 9 organizations within the FSN, along with their partners.
  • 3 teacher workshops were carried out with 17 teachers.
  • 12 student- teachers were trained.
  • 70 high school students were trained in the mangrove stewardship program.
  • 650 mangrove seedlings were out planted, and one mangrove site was restored to increase survival rates.
  • 2 community workshops were held which had a total of 40 participants. There was also 1 community sensitization fair with 48 participants from the community.
  • 2 workshops were conducted to boost the awareness of the economic value and function of mangroves among PMC staff and saw the participation of 15 participants.
  • One zonal of the Turtle Crawle wetland was created.

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May 7, 2024

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