Water Quality Assessment of Special Fishery Conservation Areas

Project Aims

  • To document the communities’ perception on marine pollution in their environment.
  • To train and certify seven SFCAs staff and seven (7) youths in water quality collection and chemical analyses.
  • Map the physical locations of pollution point sources according to communities.
  • Provide an alternate source of income for seven SFCA staff and seven youths.

Project Outcomes

  • Samples have been collected from 48 sites.
  • 12 months of water samples from the 7 key locations (48 sites) have been collected and analyzed and currently at least one (1) point source of pollution has been identified for each SFCA.
  •  14 SFCA staff and youths have already been trained and certified in water sampling. 
  • 100% of participants are receiving a stipend for their assistance with the water quality monitoring and testing efforts.
Special Fishery Conservation AreasSample Points
1Orange BayHalf Moon, Orange Bay Coral Nursery, Fishermans Beach, Orange Bay sign, North Negril River, Country Club, Pelican Key
2Bogue IslandsEntrance of Lagoon, Bird Island, Center of Lagoon, House Boat, Call Centre, Mermaid Alley
3Montego Bay SFCAMontego Point, Sandals Carlisle, Doctor’s Cave, Shim Site, Aqua Sol
4White RiverHermosa, Pineapple, Sandals, Jamaica Inn, White River Mouth, Couples, Prospect
5Oracabessa BayGibraltor, Pond, Jack’s River, Gully, Harbour, Oracabessa Coral Nursery, Golden Eye, Clouds
6Sandals BoscobelTokie, Moxon Reef, Marley Place, Evette’s, Neptune, Bosocbel Coral Nursery, Airport Point
7East PortlandAnchovy, Turtle Crawle, Cold Harbour, Drapers, Pellow Island, San San, Blue Lagoon

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May 7, 2024

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